I’ll be showing my PoliceState project at the “Art on the Edge” International Art Festival in Aarhus, Denmark this October. On the edge and the belonging seminar: ”Crime and political aspects in Digital Art” highlights an ongoing discussion in the computer-world, namely the conflict of interests between functionality and sensuality. The artists challenge the present affairs which the society represent – among other things by influencing the goal-directed results of the technological science research and the commercial development of products. Pretty cool topic and its nice to finally see a festival that pushes the boundaries of political controversy and critical thinking. The festival includes one of my favorite media artists Mogens Jacobsen who I did an interview with for Gizmodo a few months ago. Other artists in the show include Critical Art Ensemble’s Steve Kurtz, Rafael Lozano Hemmer showing his Synpatic Caguamas project which consists of motorized bottles that move based on A-Life patterns, Eduardo Kac, Mememe, and James Patten. Should be a cool event and I’ll be giving a talk on October 29th at the Aarhus Art Museum.


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