The MediaCity Conference in Weimar this November “wants to enable the research about occurring processes of media use in urban contexts in the widest sense. It is aiming to research solutions for urban development in a knowledge based society. MEDIACITY intends to achieve a transfer of experiences and theoretical knowledge about opportunities to implement information and media technologies in an urban environment. The conference focuses on the issue of a knowledge based economy and society for cities, the use for new media in the practice of urban planning, land use and architecture and the necessary political and social framework to ensure the socially balanced embedding of these technologies.” Sounds like a pretty cool event with some interesting speakers – the full program will be online soon.

This symposium has a lot in common with the Architecture and Situated Technologies forum happening in NYC this October that I will be speaking at – along with a really good mix of artists, anthropoligists, scientists, academics, and more. It would be cool to go to both and contrast/compare them for depth and focus – but I won’t be able to make the MediaCity Event. If anyone goes to it, please post a comment about how it went.


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