In the NYC yellow-cab taxi I took back from the airport yesterday, I noticed there was a screen with a real-time GPS readout and map of our journey. Pretty cool that NYC cabs are getting GPS-ed, although it’s possible that this was only a trial GPS device and that not all cabs are “going this route”. Still its a good way to make sure you are not getting “gipped” by over anxious cabbies trying to do a few extra block loops to increase the fare. Next up, there needs to be some artistic interventions into this tech like the the TeleTaxi project from Montreal in 2005 where “the taxi was outfitted with an interactive touch screen that displayed video, animations, music, and information triggered by an onboard GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver which allows the displayed artwork to change depending on where the taxi is in the city.” Lets hope something like that will find its way to NYC.


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