(GalleryDrive, Roy & //////////FUR////), 2007)

Here’s some more info on “Gallery Drive” a new artwork collaboration between Niklas Roy (who I profiled for Gizmodo last month) and //////////FUR//// (who I also profiled for Giz back in Sept. 2005). From the description, “Gallerydrive is a completely automated drive-through art exhibition. It combines the spatial experience of viewing art in gallery spaces with the determined dramaturgy of time based art disciplines. Gallerydrive is an open and discipline crossing project. Artists with any background are invited to contribute works for the course and to enlarge the system by building their own Gallerydrive vehicles.” It’s a pretty interesting concept and one I would definitely be curious about trying out at some point. I’m wondering how specific it is for each person and what unique experiences people take away from it as a whole.


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