picture of (Zenith Space Command – 1956)

Here’s some info on a new project of mine…

Remote Control Remote Control” is a meta-meta consumer electronics device that attempts to uncover the implicit meaning and reason or “need” of these types of devices. The project consists of a secondary remote control that controls the primary remote used for a specific consumer electronics device such as a television or home stereo. Since we typically lose these remote control devices under couch cushions or buried under debris in our living rooms or dens, the project places the legitimate remote control securely on a pedestal and with some custom circuitry, allows a secondary remote to “remotely” control the first remote. Thus there is no possibility of losing the primary remote control since it remains stationed or tethered to one location at all times. The physical placement of the remote on a pedestal in the space attempts to give visual significance to these daily-use consumer devices and objects and attempt to uncover our seemingly inherent attachment to them and the control they enable. Check out the link above for more info on this project.


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