A take on the classic game of Frogger


Diaper Dash was a Mac OS9, OSX, and Windows game that resembled the classic game of Frogger but instead, the player commanded a baby to cross the highway past oncoming traffic. The game received over 50,000 downloads worldwide and was included in several international CD-ROMs.


Idea, Concept & Programming by Jim Moore & Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Music and Sound by Jim Moore
Design and Animations by Jonah Brucker-Cohen


Honorable mention, Parsons Media Design Festival,1998
iGame”Blueberry”┬áJapanese CD-ROM

Mac Games, Tokyo, 50 + Vol. 11 Japanese CD-ROM, Tokyo

Macromedia Shockrave Official Selection in 1998.

Download Diaper Dash!

Mac OSX: Diaper Dash OSX
Windows XP & 7: Diaper Dash Windows

Movie of the game:


Picture of the Game Screen:

Picture of the Menu Screen:

Screenshot of the Options screen:

Screenshot of the Game Over screen:

Screenshot of the credits screen: