Make music with varied arm motions


Pillvox was a musical instrument that allowed you to compose music by holding the device and swinging your arms in a circular motion.


Jonah Brucker-Cohen


Pillvox was a musical instrument I designed composed of a series of connected pillboxes with tilt sensors embedded inside. When you hold Pillvox in your hand and rock it back and forth it emits a tone every time you rock. Since the sensors are force sensitive, if you swing your arm out and back quickly, you will generate a series of tones that are dependent upon your movement.


Pillvox works with mercury switches attached to a Basic Stamp II microcontroller. The switches determine the tilt of the instrument and send bits back to the stamp. The stamp then outputs to an opamp which send signals to two speakers mounted on either end of the pillbox. There are LEDs on the ends of the device that light up when the notes are played.