AnĀ old school arcade game with dynamic data from the Internet.


Jonah Brucker-Cohen


Coin-OP Web Toolz is a Windows and MacOSX application that uses dynamic image data from the Internet as content in a series of old school arcade games such as “Robotron”, “Defender”, and “Missle Command”. In order to play, the user must first gather several images from the internet by typing in a website (URL) and downloading images from the resulting page. The images found are then used in the games as either villains to avoid or prizes to collect in order to gain points.



1st Prize, The Frying Pan Awards, Parsons School of Design, NYC

Sept @ Net-Art 1999,

Video Documentation of the Project


The project was aimed to make online gaming into something that could be dynamically generated based on data that already exists on the Internet. This way the game was more personal and customised to the user since they could choose the graphics that are used in the games.

“Get Media Screen”

“KoolAid Robotron Game”

“Defender Flying Game”

“Pushups Missle Command Game”