A Tactical Tool to Ensure Seclusion in Public Space


GPS-HOG is an open-source toolkit to allow its user to ensure they are the only one occupying any single location on Earth. The idea is presented as a critical approach to the multitude of consumer devices with integrated GPS hardware that allow for people to keep track of their locations through a global network of satellites. As international population levels rise, crowds are becoming more common in public spaces to the point where solitude is often hard to find. Even with specified waypoints that allow for near pin-point accuracy in location determinism, the system is continually over-burdened with multiple devices attempting to receive coordinate data in similar locations. The project is presented as a step toward enabling solitude through coordination retrieval.

Credits Jonah Brucker-Cohen


Tactical Coordinate Suppression, Make Blog, 9.11.07 Nerdblog, 9.12.07. MetaLocative


GPS (Global Positioning System) is a US government deployed network of 24 orbiting satellites that can give accurate positioning data to passive receiving devices on Earth. Below is a diagram of how the system functions. GPS enables users with receiving devices on the ground to receive their approximate coordinates instantly by measuring the transmission time and frequencies from the satellites orbiting overhead.


The GPS-HOG consists of a motion sensor relay system that controls a GPS-Jamming device. Only when the user is standing solitarily in one place can their device access the GPS satellites to retrieve their coordinates. When searching for a satellite, the jammer is switched off, but once the coordinates are discovered, the jammer is turned on to ensure that no one else can access the coordinates. This ensures that the user can only occupy any given location at one time.Equipment list:
1. GPS Device: The project has been tested using a Garmin eTrex but any GPS device should work.
2. GPS Jammer, build your own from Phrack , circuit diagram here or
Detectnu sells them pre-built.

3. Motion sensor, connected to the on/off switch of the GPS Jammer.

Description of System

1. Regular GPS use, multiple users can share one Way-Point coordinates with their individual devices.

2.GPS-HOG use, only one person can access the waypoint. Others are only able to access the position once the “Hogger” has left the area. This enables only the hogger to have access to the coordinates at a time.