A Video Game with Princess Superstar Going for Stardom!


“How To Be a Princess Superstar” is a video game I made for Princess Superstar’s album,Last of the Great 20th Century Composerswhich came out on April 25th, 2000. The game was included on every CD that was sold and featured four mini games including “Do it Like a Robot” where the princess’ head is the ship in a classic game of Asteroids, “Love/Hate to be a Player” a side scrolling fighting game, “Bump Your Ass Off” a simple sequencer where you design a dance for the princess, and “Stinky Cologne” where you try to answer cellphone calls correctly as you are chased by a guy with “stinky cologne”. The game “How To Be A Princess SuperStar” was meant as a fun way to get to know how a typical day in the life of Princess Superstar functioned. Even before cellphones were widely used, the Princess had one and kept it in use every day.


Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Voice Samples by Princess Superstar, 3D graphics by Sheldon Chow.

Download The Game!

How To Be A Princess Superstar MacOSX.zip, Mac OSX

Video Documentation of the Game!

Screenshot from “Love/ Hate to be a Player” game.

Screenshot from “Do It Like a Robot” game.

Screenshot from “Stinky Cologne” game.

Screenshot from “Do It Like a Robot” game.