Musical collaboration through any phone.


Jonah Brucker-Cohen – Design / ConceptĀ 


Featured on, 2001. Cybersonica Festival, June 4-6 2002, ICA, London, UK.


Musical/Devices allowed someone to collaborate in a musical composition with other people using any telephone. The project allowed for multiple users to participate in one experience through their mobile devices.


Users call up and connect to the project and can select a high or low pitched note. Once they chose a tone, the tone was released into the main screen and when the bouncing ball collided with it, it produced the appropriate high or low pitch sound.


The system used VoiceXML (a subset of XML) through and speech recognition to decipher user input in the form of voice or DTMF tones. Once the user connects, they are prompted to say “high” to generate a high pitch sound or to say “low” to generate a low pitch sound. Once the VXML gets an answer it recognizes it writes to a cgi script and relays that message to the movie.

Close up of the Musical/Devices playing field: