A project illustrating how to get creative with *ubiquitous* infinite bandwidth


Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Stefan Agamanolis


FutureEverything, Manchester, UK. May 12-15, 2010.


This project illustrated how to get creative with *ubiquitous* or infinite bandwidth. Groups in Manchester and New York roamed city streets, capturing and sharing visuals and sounds in real time, invoking thoughts and serendipitous connections based on the sights and sounds around the participants in the two cities. 3G connections and FM transmitters provided two-way links in both cities. Participants shared deep thoughts while roaming the streets, captured images, got ideas from their surroundings and fed them into the event in real time. Groups of people got OUT and ABOUT in Manchester and New York to inspire new directions in infinite bandwidth.

Picture of people walking around the city listening to the broadcast.