A Collection of Animated Gifs From Yesteryear



The “Web Museum” is a curated collection of animated gifs found on the web in 1997. Some of the animations still exist today, as proof of their longevity throughout the years. I started the collection in the late 90s in order to preserve the amazing designs found in these early stages of the web. This would be considered web .5 in today’s terminology. Check out all the gifs below.

MailMe” 1994, Artist
Combining exquisite
lines without words, this daring graphic makes its message clear as
A gift of the Geocities
Collection, 1994.






“Send Email or Die”
Arnold P. Klein
Treasured and almost
forgotten, this lovely animation gets right to the point with a soothing
feel that makes you want to run to telnet and type for a week.

Generously donated
by Matt’s Script Archive, 1995.

“Smile/Frown/Something Else?”
Artist Unknown
Since it’s inception
in the early 60s, this mystical symbol has carried a distinct clientele
wherever it may be found.

A gift of the
Yahoo! “Dead Links” Society, 1995.

“New” 1995, Artist
Delicate lines and
fine features, have made this specimin a light to cherish throughout
the ages.

A gift of the
Angelfire Collective Domain, 1996.

“My Shiny Computer”
Artist Unknown
Modeled after the iconography
boom of the 1990s, this magnificent achievment speaks to a new generation
of art lovers.

A gift of the
Collection, 1994.

“Starlight” 1995,
Artist Unknown
This brilliant work
demonstrates the awesome power of the web to illuminate the darkest
reaches of information technologies.

A gift of the
Geocities Collection, 1994.

“@mail” 1996, Artist
Introduced in 1995,
3D specemins like this were valued with high esteem. Today, the legacy
still lives on.

A gift of the
Tripod Homepage Builders, 1996.

“Handy Mailbox” 1995,
Created in the classic
“Anime” style circa 1995, this exquisite animated gif combines a clarity
of form and meaning with a graceful, balletic movement.

On loan from
the AOL Members collection, 1995.

“CD Spins!” 1995
Anonymous disgruntled tech worker
Created in only four
magnificent frames, this brilliant animated gif combines a fluidity
of motion with striking depth and overwhelming charm

A gift of PCMall.com,

“Siren Song” 1995,
Artist Unknown
Sparkling with blue
and red authority, this vibrant icon separates good from evil while
simultaneuosly insuring online security.

Collection of
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ellison, 1995.

“Flame of Eternity”
Tom Fedoryak
Lush and burning with
passionate fever, this firey emblem stirs demonic emotion into the
hearts of web surfers worldwide.

Collection of
Demon Systems, Inc., 1995.

“Let’s Graph!” 1995,
Artist Unknown
Able to predict all
markets in one fell swoop, this treasure not only serves as a delicious
eye grabber, it also interjects valuable insights into the future
of online commerce.

Generously donated
by the “Zany Internet Tycoons” (ZIT), 1994.

“This Page is Under
Construction” 1994, Anonymous
Exposing the apparatus
behind the mysteries of HTML, this graphic deconstructs the process
of developing a webpage by putting into context the sense all artists
have: “That this is a work in progress”.

Donated by the
Society for Digital Constructive Criticism, 1994.

“Mr. Happy” 1994, Anonymous

A gift of the Geocities “Classics” Collection,

“Film Loop” 1993,
Artist Unknown
With its uncanny looping
feel, this simple flowing graphic allows for deep introspection and
contemplation in all aspects of the filmic experience.

On loan from
the Film.com archives, 1993.

“New-2” 1994, Anonymous
We live in a beautiful
and ever-changing world. With its bean-like structure and smooth caressing
lines, this gif shouts out authenticity and freshness in a completely
unique fashion.
(Selected as a Palm
D’Or winner at the Cannes Internet Festival)

Collection of
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Bezos, 1994.

“Scratch It!” 1995
Unknown Japanese Artis
tCute and cuddly without
the purring, this itchy fellow knows how to wait patiently for a page
to load.

Collection of
the Japanese Internet Friends Society (JIFS), 1994.

“Empty the Trash” 1994,
Adding unweidling
suspense and tension with modern Macintosh desktop iconography, “Empty
the Trash” combines intense feelings of guilt with the satisfaction
of clearing out unwanted refuse.

gift of Apple Computer, Inc., 1994.

“Updated” 1994, Anonymous

Shrouded in secrecy
since its early beginnings, this graphic marvel has won hearts worldwide
with its Day-Glo subtleties, elegant lines, and simple, yet provocative

gift of SiteBuilder, Inc.

“Bobber” 1999, Fish
Like a Titan on the
warpath, this cheery fellow illustrates the uncertain waters of the
internet e-commerce frontier.

gift of Fishing.com

“Push My Target” 1994,
Artist Unknown
In the heat of passion,
this candycane target speaks of quiet moonlit walks on on the rifle
range of your heart. Go ahead, push my target.

A gift of the
NetObjects Fusion Collection, 1995.













“Spot III: The Dance”
This lovable tyke
shows an exuberant outer shell, but inside he’s as rugged as a pack
rat at the flea circus. Elegant and cheerful, this gif sparks memories
of day’s past on the white sandy beaches of Daytona.

donated by 7UP, Inc.

“Dancing Skull”, 1999
Evil.com animator
This lovely reminder
of the end of the millennium perfectly summarizes the death of art
and culture in a society fast-plummeting toward a pit of creative
void-dom and emotional emptiness. The artist’s message is clear, in
spinning the Skull, he proclaims that death is rejoicing in the downfall of mankind (not to mention simply dancing for joy).

Stolen from Evil.com (we felt this action would be codoned by the
makers of evil.com)













“Back” 1998, Anonymous
Serving as a reminder
to the glory days of “classic” Photoshop filters, this spritely
fellow delicately beckons us to hit the back button.

gift of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Case

“Beam My Mail” 1998,
As telecommunications
technologies spring into the new millennium, this brilliant gif reminds
us of the blistering speed of electronic communication.

donated by the
Linux Users Group (LUG)

“Email Torah” 1999,
Dictating the most
holiest of scriptures, this transcendental animation recalls the true
importance of email as a window to salvation.

by the Philistines of Heaven’s Arched Towers (PHAT)

“Atom” 1999, Anonymous Serving as a scientific
marvel for generations to come, this gif shows valuable insights into
the subatomic structures of our civilization.

donated by Space.com

“Checker” 1999, Anonymous

The sun never shines
on a loser. Only once in our lifetime do we witness an object of such
awesome power and stunning beauty. This award-winning gif glows with
pride as it announces to the world: “Check Me Out!”

“Go USA!” 2000, AnonymousProclaiming national
pride and steadfast patriotism, this gif speaks to all Americans with
one simple declaration:

“Don’t Tread on Virtual

gift of Whitehouse.gov or the Clinton Users Society of Savannah

“Dizzy World” 1994,
“Dizzy World” marks
the web’s entry into Neo-Classical Modern Realism with a splash of
organic sheen and civility. This gif is a national treasure that will shine brightly in the eyes of online visitors for years.

A gift of theGlobe.com,