Password is a web form that asks users to type in a password and click the “Set My Password” button. Once clicked the new password is submitted to the server and automatically changed to the word “Password”. According to a 2019 HYPR study on password creation,  72 percent of people reuse passwords for their personal accounts. The word “Password” is still the 4th most common password used by people behind “123456”, “123456789”, and “qwerty”. Since the use of the word “Password” as a password is a choice most of us have, and due to this word’s proclivity to be guessed by potential hackers, the fact that this word is still being used is one of “Human Error” that could easily be rectified.  Password is the fourth in my series of “Human Error” projects including, PPRJMLttrDial and Dim.


The system uses javascript to detect what a user types in and based on the input, the password field is changed to the word “Password” when the button is pressed.


Try out Password here.