Common computer errors happen when people click wrongly on the mouse buttons causing a “right-click” when they intended a “left-click”. On the first commercial Apple mouse, Bill Atkinson decided on using the “double click” to run applications while the single click was used for selecting an application’s icon. While the “right click” was first introduced in the Small talk environment on Xerox’s Alto computer in the mid 1970s to bring up a “context menu”, it was popularized by Microsoft with the launch of Windows 1.0 in 1992. 

“RightCLICK” is an artwork consisting of a USB mouse with two buttons that are modified so that both buttons function as a right click. Because of this mod, users are unable to click on any objects on their computer desktop, bringing up the contextual menu on every click. This form of “Human Error” highlights our continued inability to use basic computer-human-interfaces, causing us to fail and lose patience at every interaction point.