Brucker-Cohen, Jonah,”Environmental Inversion: A Collection of Artworks that Subvert Methods of Climate Change Action“, SIGGRAPH Asia, Sydney, Australia, 12-15 December, 2023.


“Loss Depletion” is a solar powered carbon dioxide emitter. The project is a critical examination of the advent and mass adoption of seemingly “green” energy solutions meant to help our planet avoid impending global warming that could lead to mass extinction. Despite a push towards “clean” or green energy solutions, this shift can often lead to an increase in carbon emissions caused by the machinery and technology needed to make this transition into a reality. “Loss Depletion” provokes and challenges the dilemmas surrounding the global move to sustainable energy sources by using a natural power source, the sun, to cause, not deter, global pollution. Generating Co2 in the environment is a byproduct of moving heavy machinery and equipment since those devices need power to function. Natural forms of Co2 emitters include the ocean, organic matter such as plants and trees, and animals, most of all, us humans who add over 30 gigatons of CO2 annually to the earth’s atmosphere. This excess amount of pollution is impossible for our land and oceans to absorb, causing it to trap heat in the atmosphere and ultimately lead to global warming and climate disaster. “Loss Depletion” comments on the inability of humanity to curb climate change despite its best intentions to do so.