An artist friend of mine in LA is looking for 3D hair (like the one pictured above). That’s right, anyone who’s working on 3D and just wants to do something a bit different, Angie will pay them to be included on a DVD of hair based animations. Look out Siggraph – hair – we come! Here’s her call:

“I am composing a DVD of themes and variations based on a simple set of parameters. The parameters were inspired by an industry example whose purpose was to illustrate the human-like movement of a hair plug-in called “Shave and a Haircut”.

The animation was comprised of a cube, a sphere and a patch of hair. The juxtaposition chilled me more than many of the 3D monsters we see in the cinema.I am interested in seeing what happens if different animators come together with the same set of instructions that limit their reliance on artistic modeling and instead challenge their creative vigor through motion and composition of simple forms.

I hope to have as many participants as possible (as my meager budget allows) and plan to compile all of the resulting animations on a DVD that gives full credit and info about each animator involved.From my correspondences thus far, the animations should take no more than an hour to set up and then render time is variable. If you are interested, please email me with your rate for composing this assignment. My budget is meager, but hopefully the free publicity will make it more worth your while.”


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