The Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern in London is transformed into an environmental wonder by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson with his work, “The Weather Project“. There’s a mist in the air (is it destroying all of the other art in the building?) and an artifical sun made up of 200+ low-sodium mono-frequency lights that makes entrie hall glow like a christmas tree on fire. I haven’t been there yet but I will be in London this weekend so hopefully on Sunday I can get a chance to check it out. My question – is it art or is it just a glorified natural history museum-type exhibit about weather conditions?


2 thoughts on “Weather in our Mist

  1. Well i checked out the weather project when I was in London last weekend. Really nice to lie down and watch people move reflected on the mirrored ceiling. The effect of the mirrors made the space seem huge and for a moment it felt as we were suspended from the ceiling looking down on everyone else. This kind of distortion of space seemed a lot more engaging than the hug halogen lamp sun that was set up in the space. But ultimately, it allowed for people to reflect on their own experience and project it into the room.

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