There was a space in Brooklyn I used to visit to see bands play called “Mighty Robot”. You never knew quite what you were going to get… which brings me to this latest piece of hardware – the “Robot Suit“. Instead of creating robots that will do our bidding, this envisions a future of robots attached to our bodies to make us super humans! From the site:

“This is neither a robot in machine factories nor a one for amusement like a pet robot. This is a brand-new proposal projecting a future image of relations between people and robots,” Sankai said. “The suit practically supports people’s life, focusing on the strong point of robots,” Sankai said.

If the strong point of robots is to make us stronger, then we should all be superhuman by now. What happens when we get so frail that this robot suit breaks our arm trying to lift something light by over-compensating? If this is intended for a “greying” society, it will never work. Instead, it might be fun to strap this onto some athletes and buckle up for the mecca-olympics…


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