This is the Yuki Charger, a coin-operated mobile phone charger that works with most mobile phones. Simply put in some change, place your phone on the charger connections, and wait around for 10 minutes while you get some juice. This is only available in Japan right now, but is looking for global distribution soon. I find it really interesting how mobile devices are becoming so pervasive that they need their own “pit stops” in public spaces. Kind of like the new water cooler for the mobile generation, but then again you have to be fixed in one location to use this.. hmm… Here’s some info from their site that shows how clean it is:

Mobile Phone Hygiene
Mobile phone is one of the most commonly use consumer gadget. Therefore, it is also one of the dirtiest. Harmful bacteria could be hidden at corners and spreads from one user to another. Yuki Charger is designed with this in mind and it comes with a UV sanitizer compartment that kills germs and bacteria while battery charging is in progress.


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