House Gymnastics recently won a Third Place Gallery award in This is a nice re-appropriation of domestic space and mixes a bit of carnival-esque moves into the equation. Here’s a pic of the “Elevated Dog Stretch”, “the classic yoga move elevated to a high position (this move could be interpreted as an inverted bridge, but the legs must be straight and parallel to the floor)”. Sign up, become a member, and submit your best “moves” – the ones with the highest ratings rise to the top of the lot. This reminds me of the Parsons project “The Submoves”, which was done a year later, but also looks at acting out body displacements in the NYC subways. Also the DoFly is a nice hack of moving public transportation that allows a passenger to experience the G-forces of their local bus ride to work.


3 thoughts on “House Gymnastics!

  1. LOL! I wrote to the DATA list asking about the house gymnastics link this very same day (i imagine that\’s why you\’ve posted it here). i was writing up something i thought i would blog at, and here you\’ve blogged it on your site!! Alas and alack.

    Now i\’ve got to find something else to blog. stop coppin my moves, brutha!

  2. i\’m gonna gitchu jonah! i\’m gonna gitchu if it\’s the last thing i do!

    AHAHAHAAAA!! (goes off in a mad fit looking for something SOO COOL – that jonah has not seen! is it possible??)

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