DEMUR is a cool attempt at combining gaming with location-based audio. Participants wear headphones with a headtracker attached, a backpack with laptop, GPS receiver, and a joystick and move around a physical space. Since GPS only works outside, all the pics from the site show guys in the wearable computing getup wandering around a field. This is just a demo so the tech for it is heavy and clunky, but I’m wondering why they didnt use PocketPCs instead of laptops especially if a lot of walking is involved? The game if set in the future and the missions are a bit complicated and about fighting for freedom from mutants. Hmm, why are mutants so bad? Why do all games have this plot? Check out the video – it’s in Dutch but you can get an idea of the game regardless if you can’t understand the voice-over. One more thing, the project was developed the Bartimeus Institute for the Blind, which seems odd because if you mention covering a blind person’s ears and having them walk outside to a blind person they will kick your ass and tell you not to mess with their most precious sense.


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