I just uploaded my report from the FutureSonic festival to my festival reports page. There is also my latest report on the CiberArt Bilbao event up there and some images from both. Turns out Richard Stallman is here visiting MLE today so I’ll go and bow down before his majesty (just jokin).

— Update —
So Richard Stallman stopped by and got into a heated argument about software patents with one of the researchers here who was arguing that MP3s (despite the fact that the standard is patented) are a good thing and that the cultural importance of MP3 technology (sparking a music revolution, blah blah) far outweighed the fact that the technology is patented. Hmm, I guess you could say the same thing about the lightbulb allowing me to to stay up later than I usually do which sparked me to think of a new way to complete a homework assignment in high school which allowed me to pass the class…. go figure.


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