It’s good to know there’s a public database called GeoCoder so that you can look up the way-point of every address in the US. Now I can know the two longitude and latitude points of every building in the neighborhood I grew up in and go beat up the neighborhood bully! Yippee… Umm, No. Well I guess this would be handy to have if someone stops you in the street from their car asking for directions and you say, “Sure thing, just go to (37.74533°, -122.420082°), turn right, take a left at (24.55392 °, -81.803260 °) and it’s about a mile past the green sign at (38.898748 °, -77.037684 °)” I’m sure people could have some fun with this! Or if you want to GPS your body, try out Biomapping on June 25th in London, a device that takes pictures based on your galvanic skin response and maps your biometric data fluctuations. This is a sure way of getting strange looks from fellow pedestrians as you start sweating because they are staring out you, causing all the collected data to be thrown off and meaningless. I guess it could be more like a “I’m carrying all this technology out in public and look at all the weird looks I’m getting” meter. That would be rad!


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