I just (secretly) got a copy of the “banned words” from Dragon Systems’ “Naturally Speaking” speech to text software. It’s interesting to see how words that are not politically correct like “honkie ” and ” mick”, don’t make it into the software. This is probably a good thing, except if your name is Mick Jagger or your car’s horn is broken. Some of the most bizarre banned words include “fancy shvartzer”, “heckuva”, “unfrigging” (man I always use that!), “slimebucket” (but what if you are telling a story about 70s cop shows!), and “L.L. Bean” (the slang term for “Plain White Rapper”) – now thats a keeper. As a footnote, a disgruntled hacker is trying to do something to get back at the speech recognition people for telling him what “natural language” is! Excellent.


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