The trend in pervasive gaming these days seems to push everything onto the STREETS. If it’s not in your face on the sidewalk, then why do it. Taking a more “interior” approach is the Finland-based Kick Ass Kung Fu – an embodied gaming experience. “Kick Ass Kung-Fu is an immersive game installation that transforms computer gaming into a visual, physical performance like modern dance or sports. The game lets you experience Kung-Fu movie action and aesthetics by merging the real and the virtual with a perceptive user interface.” You play on a 5 meter cushioned playfield suitable for martial arts and acrobatics training and through custom computer vision technology, you are taken inside an artificial reality where the normal laws of physics no longer apply. Your movements are exaggerated so that you can easily dodge your opponent’s kicks and punches by jumping five meters in the air and landing behind their back. Using the dual projected screens, one at each end of the playfield, you can also continue by counter-attacking your stupefied enemy from the behind.”

Pretty cool interface and the best integration of gaming and camera tracking around (forget the EyeToy). Def check out the video for the full effect. So far its been shown at the Kiasma museum in Helsinki and featured on a TV series!


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