Made it to NYC yesterday and had some time to check out the “Passage of Mirage” show at the Chelsea Art Museum (which I hadn’t been to before – nice space!). The show featured a pretty wide mix of projects including John Gerrard’s “Watchful Portrait” (picture above) which includes two 3D portraits – one that folows the sun and one that follows the moon. This is a really nice piece as seldom are there 3D projects that don’t fall into the “immersive world”, “1st person shooter”, or “augemented reality” categories. John’s is more like old school painting meets new school rendering – a bit like those talking portraits in the Harry Potter movies (I watched one on the plane ride over!). Other projects of note were Jim Campbell’s “Hitchcock’s Psycho” which shows a projection made up of the average of every frame in Pyscho. Also there was Eric Paulos’ “LimeLight” which is an ambient alert meter for goverment threat conditions. Ahh, the soothing light of a threat level. Overall the show was pretty diverse and the opening was pretty packed. As for me, the jet lag became a bit too unbearable so I went home to sleeep. More on NYC and Artbots very soon!


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