New York 2050 is a project for the collective vision and future scenarios of how NYC will be in 50 years. “NewYork2050 seeks to facilitate a public conversation about the future of the entire city, not just downtown. A conversation about a future that’s not just around the corner, but fifty years down the road the city we think, fear, hope our children and grandchildren will inhabit. Drawing on the experience of those who so successfully organized the post 9/11 process, we want to enable a dialogue between grassroots representatives from a wide variety of Gotham’s communities and workplaces, on the one hand, and professional futurologists, on the other people who have thought hard about likely upcoming developments in relevant areas such as demography and politics, science and technology, commerce and culture.” The project also features futurist roadmaps that include Buenos Aires 2050 and Barcelona 2050 – pretty nifty to see what they come up with….


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