This idea is a long time coming: connect up a photo sharing service like “” with the open API of Google Maps and the result is a nice record of snaps along a Geo-spatial timeline. Click on the featured picture and get a collection of all the pics taken from and around that waypoint. Don’t have a GPS enabled camera yet? Just use SmugMaps’ “PointFinding” interface to search out the coordinate information. After a few months of traveling and uploading, you should have a nice world or continental map with links to exactly where all your pictures were taken.



One thought on “Mapping Pictures By The Click

  1. Really cool, though disappointing from a European perspective. US addresses only (even though Google maps works in the UK, too). Secondly, payware — I have to do all the work and tag my pics. (Which I will do with EXIF or so when I get my hands on a lookup tool that works around the world…)

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