Undersound “is a new type of experience, an interface that is on your mobile phone and in the underground stations you pass through every day. It is part personal, part public and all about the tube. undersound is a way of listening to, distributing and affecting the flow of music in the underground that goes beyond just the music itself. It allows you to see your journeys, the people around you, and the tube itself in a new light. There are three key aspects of life underground that we tapped into in the design of undersound.” The project will be spatially distributed at individual stations and throughout the wider tube network. “Each track in the undersound system will be tagged with its place of origin (the station where it was uploaded) and this information is visible as the track is being played.” The project examines the questions of “Is there a correlation between the flow of people around the tube network and the flow of music tracks around the undersound network? What might a sense of place for these digital artefacts be? Do they care about geographical location too or might their sense of place revolve around the quality and type of network and the technological devices they pass through?” Should be interesting to see it in action.


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