An Indie Pop Quartet from NYC


The Yes Men were a band from Brooklyn, New York that existed from 1997-2001. We were formed in 1997, 2 years beforeThe Yes Men” political artists group started (They formed in 1999). We played noisy melodic rock with analog instruments. We played a total of 4 shows in four years (yeh kinda sad) at New York University, Arlenes Grocery and 2 shows at The Continental, NYC.

Band Members:

Guitar / Vocals: Oliver Sharpe
Guitar: Jim Moore
Bass: Joshua Leeman
Drums: Jonah Brucker-Cohen


2 shows at the Continental, 1 show at NYU, 1 show at Arlene Grocery

Download our album here:

The Yes Men MP3s (49.6 MB .ZIP)
Track Listing:
1. First
2. Copper
3. Confetti
4. Flutter
5. Maple Gardens
6. 3/4
7. What I Deserve
8. Verse
9. Underwater
10. Take Me Back
11. Summer Song
12. Glad You Came
13. No Name
14. New One
15. New 3/4
16. Meeker

Random Photo

(left to right, Joshua Leeman, Oliver Sharpe, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Jim Moore

(left to right, Jim Moore, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Oliver Sharpe, Joshua Leeman)

Video documentation of one show:

The Yes Men, Continental, NYC, 2000

The Yes Men, Random Practice, 1999