Try your luck on the Internet slot machine!











Gizmodo Gallery, November 4-7, 2008, REED Space ANNEX, NYC, USA

Artbots Regional Show, Location 1, November 9 – 12, 2006,New York, NY.

OBORO, Sept 16 – Oct. 21, 2006, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Exhibit1, The Digital Hub, 12/18/02 – 3/10/03, Dublin, Ireland.

Darklight Film Festival, Sept 20-22, 2002, Dublin, Ireland.

8th Annual New York Digital Salon, SVA and traveling Internationally throughout Spain and Italy, 2001. 



Jonah Brucker-Cohen


Make Blog, 11/10/06.


Pull the slot machine lever to generate a random 5 letter URL (ie. which is then looked up online. If the URL is a working URL, then the lights go off and sounds play and you’ve made your IPO!


IPO Madness is intrinsically linked to the massive surge of Internet E-Commerce companies. In an online world where venture capital controls the means of production, the strength of e-commerce solutions resides in user-friendly domain names, “e-catchy” slogans, and “e-branding”. IPO Madness comments on the IPO giants by combining Internet domain name creation with the American symbol of wasted consumption and getting rich quick – a slot machine.


The system uses a flat panel monitor inside of the slot machine and a microcontroller that is getting input from the arm. Once the arm is triggered, the computer inside the machine generates the URL and then uses its net connection to search and see ifthe URL is a working site. If they hit a working URL, the lights go off and that site is logged online with an accompanying webcam picture of them.

The idea for IPO Madness came about during the e-commerce frenzy of the late 1990s. Everyone was getting rich from the stock market on tech stocks and it was getting ridiculous – so I built this project to make fun of all the hype surrounding the Internet.

Video from IPO Madness at NY Digital Salon, 2001

Here is a screen shot of IPO Madness:

IPO Madness installed at the Artbots Regional Show (Location One, NY, NY 11/9/06):

IPO Madness installed at the NY Digital Salon (School of Visual Arts, NYC, 2/2001):


IPO Madness installed at the Darklight Digital Festival (Dublin, Ireland 9/22/02):

IPO Madness installed at Gizmodo Gallery, REED Space, NYC, 12/4-7/2008:

1st version of Internet IPO Madness: