An experiment in online patience.


“Loading, Please Wait” is a java applet that simply loads 2K forever. The project attempts to uncover the “sense of anticipation” surrounding waiting for something to download on the web. I originally built this project in 2000 and this is an updated version of it in order to bring about the same sense of wonder that the original version instilled.

Credits: Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Video of “Loading, Please Wait”

Screenshot of “Loading, Please Wait”


The act of waiting for pages to load online is one of both great frustration and great anticipation. On the one hand, you are anxious to see what the result of the page will be, but on the other hand, this process often takes too long and the wait is not rewarding. “Loading, Please Wait” aims to bring about that sense of wonder and anger at the hope of something coming from the load and the realization that nothing ever will result.