Physical inputs effect a browser window


LiveWindow is a project that attempts to translate the physicality of the real world into the virtual. By viewing LiveWindow on the web, avisitor can see a visual representation of the state of the physical space at

Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Nordic Interactive Conference 2001Electrohype Gallery
10/31/01 to 11/3/01, Copenhangen, Denmark



On the physical side the space is wired to sense for floor vibration. These values are then relayed to a browser window. If the room senses vibration, the window begins to shake, and its text falls from the force.

LiveWindow also works with other inputs: a light sensory for ambient light changes the background color of the window, a microphone picks up room volume and changes the size of the window, and the amount of movement in the room causes the window to move around accordingly.

The project consists of a 4′ x 4′ box with a monitor on top. The monitor
displays a Netscape window with text and a physical hit counter. There
is an earthquake sensor on the floor that measures vibration in the room.
When someone hits the monitor or jumps in the air, the Geophone sensors
send a signal to the computer which then talks over the network through
a server which relays the message to the browser window. When the window
gets the message, it triggers some local javascript which shakes the window
and makes the text fall. It also adds to the physical hit counter.

LiveWindow installed at the Nordic Interactive Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark – 10/31/01):