A Playstation 2 Case Mod in the shape of a Nintendo Famicom


PS2Com is a case mod I built for a Playstation 2 gaming console. The case fits over the exisiting PS2 body and the device operates like a normal PS2.


The PS2COM case mod was intended to make the PS2 system into a
Nintendo Famicom from the early 1980s. I embellished the design
a bit with a “Coin-Op” game cartridge that sits on top of the device,
but otherwise, you simply slip the cover over your existing PS2 and play normally.


Featured on Neatorama: Case Mod: The Ultimate List More Images: http://www.coin-operated.com/ps2

This project won 1st prize in the PS2 modding competition held during the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival in Ireland in 2003.