A Collection of Recycled Objects Turned Into Remote Controlled Lamps.



“ReVision” is a collection of recycled electronic objects transformed into remote controlled lamps. The idea was to give new life to these old objects by implanting them with halogen and flourescent tube lights to make novel house lamps from old parts.


In the collection are four lamps. “Exit Sign Lamp” was built from an old exit sign found in the junk pile of the Connecticutt College Scrapyard Challenge workshop we did in March 2002. This lamp was augmented with a small flourescent tube light inserted into the body of the lamp. “Robie Sr Lamp” was an old tape deck robot rescued from a trashcan in Brooklyn. The old incandescent light bulbs in his eyes were removed and replaced with halogen lamps along with red acetate circle cut-outs to produce the red glow. “Pac Man Lite Brite” was just an old LiteBrite set with Pac Man designed on the front, and “Video Lamp” consisted of the fron of an old video mixer taken from the scrapheap at the Scrapyard Challenge Workshop in Glasgow, Scotland for the BBC. The lamps are all remotely controlled via a toggle switch RF remote control.

Photos of the lamps

“Video Lamp”, made from old video mixer console.

“Robie Sr Lamp”, made from old robot from Radio Shack.

“Pac Man Lite Brite”, made from old Lite Brite.

“Exit Sign Lamp”, made from recycled Exit Sign and Tube lamp.