R.I.P. – Recycling Pervasive Media, Intervening in Planned Obsolescence and Practicing Technological Sustainability » International workshop held on art, technology, and recycling at the Banff Centre



R.I.P. — Recycling Pervasive Media, Intervening in Planned Obsolescence, and Practicing Technological Sustainability was a 10 day long workshop organized by Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Katherine Moriwaki, and Susan Kennard that was held from July 6-16th, 2011 that tackled the issues of recycling, art making, and sustainability practices. Artists, researchers, practitioners, academics, municipal workers, community leaders, and professionals were invited to explore new ways of working with municipal waste management facilities to reclaim “good garbage”, create new interventions or projects with these materials, and identify urban locations to plant these objects for public installations and interaction.


Jonah Brucker-Cohen
Katherine Moriwaki
Susan Kennard
Mark Resch

Artist Participants

Angelo Vermeulen
Darinka Aguirre
Benjamin Gaulon
Garnet Hertz
Todd Holoubek
William Morrish
Erin Kennedy
Amos Latteier
Ben Castro and Miguel Rodriguez of Basurama
Niklas Roy
Gordan Savicic
Harold Schellinx
Neil Seldman
Jessica Thompson
Rob van Kranenburg
James Wallbank

Video Documentation

Map of art locations around town


PDF of the Map with Descriptions (RIPmap.pdf)

More Videos of Projects from the workshop

Project Images From the Workshop

Trash With Attitude (Roy, Gaulon, Holoubek)

ʇnduı oǝpıʌ ou (Roy, Gaulon, Holoubek)

PIXEL VGA (Garnet Hertz)


Video of PIXEL VGA