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While composing emails and other writing on computers there are no longer any text editors without the feature of “auto-correct”. Whether we like it or not, our text is changed, highlighted, or modified by default (unless we purposely turn it off) resulting in perfect spelling across all writing applications. As we currently live in a hyper-capacity, high speed information context where words and phrases must be shorted to fit within Twitter’s 280 character limit or crafted in short sound bites as to not overcrowd our already shorted attention spans, our vocabulary is constantly changing. A common change is people writing #hashtags or trying to use common abbreviations to shorten their messages. “Human Error – Auto-CRCT” is a text editor that integrates wrongly used abbreviations into typed messages, resulting in misconstrued messages and typos in non-existent word shorteners. 

Below is a list of words that Human Error – Auto-CRCT shortens and their resulting output. 

Original Text:

I was kidding when you overheard me when I told people I was insecure about my day tomorrow. Shit, I was even laughing at how disgusting that experience would be in my opinion. Some people think sponsored events are fabulous and result in an overload of exposure but whatever, I really, seriously want nothing to cloud your opinion. I dunno, the fear of people shaking up this stuff is an overload on my brain and makes me want to retreat into the background and binge watch YouTube. Wow, yay! I was just so insecure.

Auto-CRCT text:

 I woz AYFKMWTS when U OH me when I told Ppl I woz NSFW about my day Tmrw. WTH, I woz even LMAO at how NSFW that experience would be in my IMHO. Some Ppl think sp events are fab and result in an TMI of exposure but wtv, I ORLY srsly want NBD to cloud your IMHO. I IDK, the FOMO of Ppl SMH up this stuff is an TMI on my brain and makes me want to retreat into the bgd and binge watch YT. OMG, W00t! I woz just so NSFW.

Word List and resulting corrections from Auto-CRCT software in alphabetical order:

addicted: ykyat

also: BTW

background: bgd

bye: BFN

c/o: %

Carbon-Copy: CC

click: clk

create: cre8

disgusting: NSFW

dunno: IDK

fabulous: fab

fear: FOMO

for: 4

think: IMHO

insecure: NSFW

kidding: AYFKMWTS

later: L8ter

laugh: LOL

laughing: LMAO

nothing: NBD

wow: OMG

okay: kk

opinion: IMHO

overheard: OH

overload: TMI

people: Ppl

real: IRL

really: ORLY

seriously: srsly

shaking: SMH

shit: WTH

shutup: STFU

sponsored: sp

thanks: TY

tomorrow: Tmrw

was: woz

welcome: YW

whatever: wtv

Yay!: W00t!

you: U

YouTube: YT