Brucker-Cohen, Jonah,”Environmental Inversion: A Collection of Artworks that Subvert Methods of Climate Change Action“, SIGGRAPH Asia, Sydney, Australia, 12-15 December, 2023.


“Take Out The Trash” is a double clickable MacOS application that creates a new text file and automatically moves it to the trash at infinitum. In today’s cluttered digital ecosystem, we are often inundated with garbage files on our computer that take up more space than necessary. Despite the simplicity to do so,  these files are typically never deleted due to factors such as negligence, laziness, or a simple disregard for computer maintenance. “Take Out the Trash”, like it’s namesake, simply creates more trash and asks you to empty the trash in order to remove this unwanted waste. If you begin to empty the trash before the application is finished it’s cycle, it will still create trash even while it is being emptied. This parallels society’s “throw away” culture or the creation of devices such as cellphones and other digital objects that are meant to be thrown away rather than be improved or recycled. 


Download for Mac OS 12 and Higher – Take Out The Trash