A short film-noir about getting revenge on the mob.




“A No Dirt Game” was the film adaptation of a short novel I wrote called “No Sale Copper” which was inspired by film noir of the 1940s and 1950s and crime fiction novels. The film was shot in Montreal, Canada and was co-produced with Christopher Johannsen. The film stars Sameer Dossani as “Slick Banister”, Jeff Feinberg as Chrome Kelly, Alan as Clanton Montgomery, and myself as one of Slick Banister’s “Goons”.

Cast/ Credits

Directors: Jonah Brucker-Cohen & Chistopher Johanssen.

Script by Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Slick Bannister: Sameer Dossani

Chrome Kelly: Jeff Feinberg

Bannister Goon: Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Clanton Montgomery: Alan 

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Stills From The Film: